Water Suppy Drill

The purpose of this rural water supply drill will be to allow the companies in the MABAS Div 103,104, 105 and Div 8 area to practice a large-scale tanker shuttle operation in a realistic, 1st due response area environment. At 0900 Rock County 911 Center will dispatch to the 5th box level Engines, Tenders, and Trucks. We are doing that so we can determine travel times to 5131 E. Creek Rd. Beloit, WI. and provide training for our dispatchers.

We will replicate the ISO 2-hour Water Delivery Test by sustaining at least a 500 gpm flow for 2-hours. Our goal is to reach 1200 gpm. By utilizing different types of water supply set-ups at the tanker fill sites. To verify apparatus, equipment, communications interoperability capabilities, and identify areas where improvement can be made while delivering water in an efficient and effective manner.

The water supply drill was held August 1, 2009 0900 at the Town of Turtle FDs first-due area.

To see pictures of the event, please click here.

Big Water Relay
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